Description of the Report

Description of the Report

This report ranks graduate programs primarily on the basis of the quality of faculty. In October 2017, we conducted an on-line survey of approximately 550 philosophers throughout the English-speaking world. The survey was built using Qualtrics survey software and run by the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research (CITR) at Western Illinois University. 274 philosophers responded and completed some or all of the surveys. The survey presented 91 faculty lists, from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia and New Zealand. Note that there are some 110 PhD-granting programs in the U.S. alone, but it would be unduly burdensome for evaluators to ask them to evaluate all these programs each year. The top programs in each region were selected for evaluation, plus a few additional programs are included each year to “test the waters.”

The faculty lists are based on current information as to their shape for fall 2018, and are confined to full- or part-time faculty (status indicated), excluding adjuncts. Emeritus faculty members were also excluded. A penultimate copy of the draft list can be found here (LR link to file). Or ask W-B if they want a PDF they host on their site.

The lists that followed indicated which faculty were age 70-74 in 2018 with an *, and which were 75 or older in 2018 with a #, which were part-time, and which were philosophers or cognate faculty in other units at the university, but involved with the supervision of PhD students.

Different respondents had different “centers of gravity” in their scoring: some gave no 5s, others gave no score lower than a 2. It was also clear that respondents had different philosophies of evaluation: some clearly tried to consider the breadth of strength in a department, while others ranked a program highly or lowly based simply on its strength in his or her fields. The range of evaluations for single departments should be a cautionary note to all undergraduates about relying too much on the advice of just one or two faculty advisors. Idiosyncrasy abounds, even at top departments!

As in the past, we did not include the name of the university with the faculty lists. This has proved beneficial in forcing evaluators to respond to the current faculty. As one respondent put it a few years ago: “surprisingly tough to say what I think, without the institutional halo effect front loaded.”

The survey prompt for each list of faculty was:

Please rate the overall quality of the graduate program’s faculty.
The survey taker was then given a dropdown menu from which to select a ranking:

At the top of the list there was a blank for non-responses. The blank was the default for all responses even in the specialty areas.

The invitation letter gave invitees instructions on several matters, including which schools and specialty areas to rate. Specifically they were told: “Individuals should NOT rate their Ph.D. granting institution or graduate programs that employs them. The editors will “clean” the data of any such stray ratings.” All of the improper and stray ratings of this sort were removed from the data set before the calculation of the means in both the overall ratings and the specialty ratings.

“Faculty quality” should be taken to encompass the quality of philosophical work and talent represented by the faculty and the range of areas they cover, with the two weighted as you think appropriate. Since the rankings are used by prospective students, about to embark on a multi-year course of study, you may also take in to account, as you see fit, considerations like the status (full-time, part-time) of the faculty; the age of the faculty (as a somewhat tenuous guide to prospective availability, not quality); and the quality of training the faculty provide, to the extent you have information about this.

Evaluators were selected with an eye to balance, in terms of area, age and educational background–though since, in all cases, the opinions of research-active faculty were sought, there was, necessarily, a large number of alumni of the top programs represented. Approximately half those surveyed were philosophers who had filled out the surveys in previous years; the other half were nominated by members of the Advisory Board, who picked research-active faculty in their fields.

Despite the increase in the total number, and diversity, of respondents, the results were remarkably stable from prior years: where there were changes, there were rational reasons for those changes.
Here are the philosophers, by field, who filled out reputational surveys this year. The school from which the evaluator received the PhD (or equivalent) is listed in parentheses. A very rough characterization of the philosopher’s area(s) is given in the last column. Here are the 274 evaluators who completed some or all of the overall and specialty survey.

NamePhD SchoolCurrent SchoolAREAS
Anna AlexandrovaUniversity of California, San DiegoCambridge UniversityPS&M, M&E
Torin AlterUniversity of California, Los AngelesUniversity of AlabamaM&E
Mark AlznauerUniversity of ChicagoNorthwestern UniversityHistory
Kristin AndrewsUniversity of Minnesota, Minneapolis-St. PaulYork University , TorontoPS&M
Stephen AngleUniversity of Michigan, Ann ArborWesleynValue, Chinese
Kwame Anthony AppiahCambridge UniversityNew York UniversityRace, Feminism, Value
Avery ArcherUniversity of St. Andrews/Stirling Joint ProgramGeorge Washington UniversityM&E, Value, PS&M
Andre AriewUniversity of ArizonaUniversity of MissouriPS&M
Brad ArmendtUniversity of Illinois, ChicagoArizona State UniversityPS&M, M&E
Joachim AufderheideUniversity of St. Andrews/Stirling Joint ProgramKing's College, LondonHistory
Murat AydedeUniversity of MarylandUniversity of British ColumbiaM&E, PS&M
David BakhurstOxford UniversityQueen's UniversityM&E, Value
Rachel BarneyPrinceton UniversityUniversity of TorontoHistory, Value
Jeffrey BarrettColumbia UniversityUniversity of California, IrvinePS&M, M&E
John BengsonUniversity of Texas, AustinUniversity of WisconsinM&E, Value
Jose BermudezCambridge UniversityTexas A&M UniversityM&E, PS&M
Sven BerneckerStanford UniversityUniversity of California, IrvineM&E, PS&M
Jessica BerryUniversity of Texas, AustinGeorgia State UniversityHistory
Christopher BertramUniversity College LondonUniversity of BristolValue
Cristina BicchieriCambridge UniversityUniversity of PennsylvaniaPS&M, Value, M&E
John BickleUniversity of California, IrvineMissisippi State UniversityPS&M, M&E
Alexander BirdCambridge UniversityUniversity of BristolPS&M, M&E
Brian BixOxford UniversityUniversity of MinnesotaValue
Chris BobonichUniversity of California, BerkeleyStanford UniversityHistory, Value
Paul BoghossianPrinceton UniversityNew York UniversityM&E
David BourgetAustralian National UniversityUniversity of Western OntarioM&E, PS&M
David Braddon-MitchellAustralian National UniversitySydneyM&E, PS&M
David BraunUniversity of California, Los AngelesUniversity at BuffaloM&E
Lee BraverEmory UniversityUniversity of South FloridaHistory
Tad BrennanPrinceton UniversityCornell UniversityHistory
Bill BrewerOxford UniversityKing's College, LondonM&E
Berit BrogaardUniversity at BuffaloUniversity of MiamiM&E, PS&M
John BruneroColumbia UniversityUniversity of NebraskaValue
Lara BuchakPrinceton UniversityUniversity of California, BerkeleyPS&M, M&E
Alex ByrnePrinceton UniversityMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyM&E, PS&M
Agnes CallardUniversity of California, BerkeleyUniversity of ChicagoHistory, M&E, Value
Taylor CarmanStanford UniversityColumbia UniversityHistory
John CarrieroHarvard UniversityUniversity of California, Los AngelesHistory, M&E
Peter CarruthersOxford UniversityUniversity of Maryland M&E, PS&M, History
Thomas CarsonBrown UniversityLoyola/ChicagoValue, History
Victor CastonUniversity of Texas, Austin)University of MichiganHistory
Mazviita ChirimuutaUniversity of BristolUniversity of PittsburghPS&M, M&E
Maudemarie ClarkUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonUniversity of California, RiversideHistory
Jonathan CohenRutgers University, New BrunswickUniversity of California, San DiegoM&E, Value, PS&M
Juan ComesañaBrown UniversityUniversity of ArizonaM&E
Kevin ConnollyUniversity of TorontoMinerva Schools at KGIPS&M, M&E
Roger CrispOxford UniversityOxford UniversityValue
Steven CrowellYale UniversityRice UniversityHistory
Javier CumpaMadrid)MadridPS&M, M&E
Gregory CurrieUniversity of California, BerkeleyUniversity of YorkValue, M&E
David DanksUniversity of California, San DiegoCarnegie Mellon UniversityPS&M
Stephen DarwallUniversity of PittsburghYale UniversityValue, History
Shamik DasguptaNew York UniversityUniversity of California, BerkeleyM&E, PS&M
Stephen DaviesUniversity College LondonUniversity of AucklandValue
Jake DavisCity University of New York Graduate CenterNew York UniversityChinese, Value, PS&M
Keith DeRoseUniversity of California, Los AngelesYale UniversityM&E
Dan DevereuxUniversity of ChicagoUniversity of VirginiaHistory, Value
John DorisUniversity of Michigan, Ann ArborWashington University St. LouisValue, PS&M, M&E
Stephen DownesVirginia Polytechnic InstituteUniversity of UtahPS&M, M&E
James DreierPrinceton UniversityBrown UniversityValue
Julia DriverJohns Hopkins UniversityWashington University St. LouisValue
Gerald DworkinUniversity of California, BerkeleyUniversity of California, DavisValue
David EbreyUniversity of California, Los AngelesUniversity of California, BerkeleyHistory
William EdmundsonUniversity of California, BerkeleyGeorgia State UniversityValue
Frances EganUniversity of Western OntarioRutgers UniversityM&E, PS&M
Marc EreshefskyUniversity of Wisconsin, MadisonUniversity of CalgaryPS&M
Jeremy FantlBrown UniversityUniversity of CalgaryM&E
Matthew FestensteinCambridge UniversityYork University , TorontoHistory, Value
Johann FrickHarvard UniversityPrinceton UniversityValue
Daniel GarberHarvard UniversityPrinceton UniversityHistory, P&M
Sebastian GardnerCambridge UniversityUniversity College LondonHistory, Value
Aaron GarrettNew School SRBoston UniversityHistory
Don GarrettYale UniversityNew York UniversityHistory
Gerald GausUniversity of PittsburghUniversity of ArizonaValue, PS&M
Berys GautPrinceton UniversitySt. Andrews/StirlingValue
Ken GemesUniversity of PittsburghBirkbeckHistory, P&M
Rocco GennaroSyracuse UniversitySouthern IndianaM&E, Value, History, PS&M
Margaret GilbertOxford UniversityUniversity of California, IrvineM&E, PS&M, Value
Michael GillUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillUniversity of ArizonaHistory
Anthony GilliesUniversity of ArizonaRutgers UniversityPS&M, M&E
Michael GiudiceMcMaster UniversityYork University , TorontoValue
Warren GoldfarbHarvard UniversityHarvard UniversityM&E, PS&M, History
Alvin GoldmanPrinceton UniversityRutgers UniversityM&E, Value, PS&M
John GrecoBrown UniversitySaint Louis UniversityM&E
Leslie J. GreenOxford UniversityOxford UniversityValue, Feminism
Paul GriffithsAustralian National UniversitySydneyPS&M
Stephen GrimmUniversity of Notre DameFordhamM&E, Value
Gary GuttingSaint Louis UniversityUniversity of Notre DameHistory, PS&M, M&E
Paul GuyerHarvard UniversityBrown UniversityHistory, Value
Ben HaleStony BrookUniversity of Colorado, BoulderValue
Michael HardimonUniversity of ChicagoUniversity of California, San DiegoRace, History
William HarperUniversity of RochesterUniversity of Western OntarioHistory
Verity HarteCambridge UniversityYale UniversityHistory, M&E
John HawthorneSyracuse UniversityUniversity of Southern CaliforniaM&E, History
Benjamin HelliePrinceton UniversityUniversity of TorontoM&E, PS&M
David HilbertStanford UniversityUniversity of Illinois, ChicagoM&E, PS&M
Barry hilbertStanford UniversityRutgers UniversityM&E, PS&M
Christopher HillHarvard UniversityBrown UniversityM&E
Chris HitchcockUniversity of PittsburghCalTechPS&M, M&E
Wesley HollidayStanford UniversityUniversity of California, BerkeleyM&E, PS&M
Robert HopkinsCambridge UniversityNew York UniversityValue, M&E, History
Leon HorstenLeuvenUniversity of BristolPS&M, M&E
John HortyUniversity of PittsburghUniversity of Maryland M&E, PS&M, Value
Stephen HoulgateUniversity of EdinburghUniversity of WarwickHistory
Andrew HuddlestonPrinceton UniversityBirkbeckHistory, Value
Michael HuemerRutgers University, New BrunswickUniversity of Colorado, BoulderM&E, Value
Nicholas HuggettRutgers University, New BrunswickUniversity of Illinois, ChicagoPS&M
Simon HuttegerSalzburgUniversity of California, IrvinePS&M, M&E
Thomas IcardStanford UniversityStanford UniversityM&E, PS&M
Brad InwoodUniversity of TorontoYale UniversityHistory
Terence IrwinPrinceton UniversityOxford UniversityHistory, Value
Henry JackmanUniversity of PittsburghYork University , TorontoHistory, M&E
Anne JacobsonOxford UniversityHarvard UniversityM&E, PS&M, Feminism
Scott JenkinsPrinceton UniversityUniversity of KansasHistory
Robin JeshionUniversity of ChicagoUniversity of Southern CaliforniaM&E, History
Thomas JohansenCambridge UniversityOsloHistory, M&E, Value
Jim JoyceUniversity of Michigan, Ann ArborUniversity of MichiganPS&M, M&E
Shelly KaganPrinceton UniversityYale UniversityValue
Peter KailCambridge UniversityOxford UniversityHistory, M&E
Paul KatsafanasHarvard UniversityBoston UniversityValue, M&E, History
Dan KaufmanUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstUniversity of Colorado, BoulderHistory, M&E
John KearnsYale UniversityUniversity at BuffaloPS&M, M&E
Pierre KellerColumbia UniversityUniversity of California, RiversideHistory
Hyunseop KimNew York UniversitySeoul National UniversityValue
Jeffrey KingUniversity of California, San DiegoRutgers UniversityM&E
Alex KleinIndiana University, BloomingtonCalifornia State University, Long BeachHistory
Peter KleinYale UniversityRutgers UniversityM&E
Matthew KramerCambridge UniversityCambridge UniversityValue
Philip KremerUniversity of PittsburghUniversity of TorontoPS&M, M&E
Uriah KriegelBrown UniversityJean NicodM&E, PS&M
Frederick KroonPrinceton UniversityUniversity of AucklandPS&M, M&E
Jennifer LackeyBrown UniversityNorthwestern UniversityM&E
Peter LamarqueOxford UniversityUniversity of YorkValue, M&E
Gerald LangOxford UniversityUniversity of LeedsValue
Ben LaurenceUniversity of PittsburghUniversity of ChicagoValue
Mi-Kyoung LeeHarvard UniversityUniversity of Colorado, BoulderHistory
Brian LeftowYale UniversityOxford UniversityHistory, M&E
Brian LeiterUniversity of Michigan, Ann ArborUniversity of ChicagoHistory, Value
Mary LengUniversity of TorontoYork University , TorontoPS&M
Ernest LePoreUniversity of Minnesota, Minneapolis-St. PaulRutgers UniversityM&E, PS&M
Yong LiSaint Louis UniversityWuhanChinese, Value
Martin LinUniversity of ChicagoRutgers UniversityHistory
Bernard LinskyStanford UniversityUniversity of AlbertaM&E, History
Elisabeth LloydPrinceton UniversityIndiana University, BloomingtonPS&M, Feminism
Antonia LoLordoRutgers University, New BrunswickUniversity of VirginiaHistory
Dominic LopesOxford UniversityUniversity of British ColumbiaValue
Edouard MacherySorbonneUniversity of PittsburghM&E, PS&M
Colin MacleodCornell UniversityVictoria University, WellingtonValue
Penelope MaddyPrinceton UniversityUniversity of California, IrvinePS&M, M&E
Ronald MallonRutgers University, New BrunswickWashington University St. LouisPS&M, Race, M&E, Value
Edwin MaresIndiana University, BloomingtonVictoria University, WellingtonM&E, PS&M, History
Mohan MatthenStanford UniversityUniversity of TorontoHistory, PS&M, M&E
Robert MayMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUniversity of California, DavisM&E, PS&M, History
Kevin MccainUniversity of RochesterUniversity of AlabamaM&E, PS&M
Edwin McCannUniversity of PennsylvaniaUniversity of Southern CaliforniaHistory
Matt McGrathBrown UniversityUniversity of MissouriM&E
Michael McKennaUniversity of VirginiaUniversity of ArizonaM&E, Value
Brian McLaughlinUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillRutgers UniversityM&E, PS&M
Jeff McMahanOxford UniversityOxford UniversityValue
Lionel McPhersonHarvard UniversityTufts UniversityRace, Value
Yitzhak MelamedYale UniversityJohns Hopkins UniversityHistory
Alfred MeleUniversity of Michigan, Ann ArborFlorida State UniversityM&E, History
Angela MendeloviciPrinceton UniversityUniversity of Western OntarioM&E, PS&M
Stephen MennUniversity of ChicagoMcGillHistory
Alex MillerUniversity of Michigan, Ann ArborOtagoM&E, Value
Cheryl MisakOxford UniversityUniversity of TorontoHistory
Friederike MoltmannMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyCNRSM&E, PS&M
Michelle MontagueUniversity of Colorado, BoulderUniversity of TexasM&E
Christopher MorrisUniversity of TorontoUniversity of Maryland Value
John MorrisonNew York UniversityColumbia UniversityM&E
Jessica MossPrinceton UniversityNew York UniversityHistory
Dean MoyarUniversity of ChicagoJohns Hopkins UniversityHistory
Dominic MurphyRutgers University, New BrunswickSydneyPS&M, M&E
Colleen MurphyUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel HillUniversity of Illinois, Urbana-ChampaignValue
Steven NadlerColumbia UniversityUniversity of WisconsinHistory
Jennifer NagelUniversity of PittsburghUniversity of TorontoM&E, PS&M, History
Bence NanayUniversity of California, BerkeleyAntwerpM&E, PS&M, Value
Alan NelsonUniversity of Illinois, ChicagoUniversity North CarolinaHistory, P&M
Ram NetaUniversity of PittsburghUniversity North CarolinaM&E
Daniel NolanAustralian National UniversityAustralian National UniversityM&E, Value, PS&M
Alastair NorcrossSyracuse UniversityUniversity of Colorado, BoulderValue
Calvin NormoreUniversity of TorontoUniversity of California, Los AngelesHistory, PS&M, Value
Jill NorthRutgers University, New BrunswickCornell UniversityPS&M, M&E
John NortonNew South WalesUniversity of PittsburghPS&M, M&E
Andreja NovakovicColumbia UniversityUniversity of California, RiversideHistory
Martha NussbaumHarvard UniversityUniversity of ChicagoHistory, Value, Feminism
Brian O'ConnorOxford UniversityDublinHistory, Value
Timothy O'ConnorCornell UniversityBaylor UniversityM&E
Samir OkashaOxford UniversityUniversity of BristolPS&M, M&E
Graham OppyPrinceton UniversityMonash University M&E, Value
Peter PaginStockholmStockholmM&E, PS&M, History
Clare PalmerOxford UniversityTexas A&M UniversityValue
Robert PasnauCornell UniversityUniversity of Colorado, BoulderHistory, M&E
Derk PereboomUniversity of California, Los AngelesCornell UniversityM&E
Richard PettigrewUniversity of BristolUniversity of BristolPS&M
Gualtiero PiccininiUniversity of PittsburghUniveristy of Missouri, St. LouisM&E, PS&M
David PittCity University of New York Graduate CenterCalifornia State University, Los AngelesM&E
Oliver PooleyOxford UniversityOxford UniversityPS&M, M&E
Alexander Prescott-CouchHarvard UniversityOxford UniversityPS&M
Huw PriceCambridge UniversityCambridge UniversityPS&M, M&E
Duncan PritchardUniversity of St. Andrews/Stirling Joint ProgramUniversity of California, IrvineM&E
Ian ProopsHarvard UniversityUniversity of TexasHistory, M&E
Wlodek RabinowiczUppsalaLundsPS&M, M&E
C. ReeveCornell UniversityUniversity North CarolinaHistory, Value
Michael RescorlaHarvard UniversityUniversity of California, Los AngelesPS&M, M&E
Mathias RissePrinceton UniversityHarvard UniversityValue, History
Michael Della RoccaUniversity of California, BerkeleyYale UniversityHistory, M&E
Veronica Rodriguez-BlancoCambridge UniversitySurreyValue
Michael RosenOxford UniversityHarvard UniversityHistory, Value
A. RosenbergJohns Hopkins UniversityDuke UniversityPS&M
Paul RothUniversity of ChicagoUniversity of California, Santa CruzPS&M, M&E, History
Ian RumfittOxford UniversityOxford UniversityM&E, History, Value
Joseph SalernoOhio State UniversitySaint Louis UniversityPS&M, M&E
Nathan SalmonUniversity of California, Los AngelesUniversity of California, Santa BarbaraM&E
Richard SamuelsRutgers University, New BrunswickOhio State UniversityM&E, PS&M
Howard SankeyUniversity of MelbourneMelbournePS&M
Carolina SartorioMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUniversity of ArizonaM&E, Value
Stephen SchifferOxford UniversityNew York UniversityM&E
Tad SchmaltzUniversity of Notre DameUniversity of MichiganHistory
David SchmidtzUniversity of ArizonaUniversity of ArizonaValue, PS&M, Value
Stefan SciaraffaUniversity of ArizonaMcMasterValue
Russ Shafer-LandauUniversity of ArizonaUniversity of WisconsinValue
Scott ShapiroColumbia UniversityYale UniversityValue, M&E
Christopher ShieldsCornell UniversityUniversity of Notre DameHistory, M&E
Ted SiderUniversity of Massachusetts, AmherstCornell UniversityM&E
Wilfried SiegStanford UniversityCarnegie Mellon UniversityPS&M, M&E
Susanna SiegelCornell UniversityHarvard UniversityM&E
Allan SilvermanUniversity of California, BerkeleyOhio State UniversityHistory
Brian SkyrmsUniversity of PittsburghUniversity of California, IrvinePS&M, M&E
Chris SmeenkUniversity of PittsburghUniversity of Western OntarioPS&M, History
Sonja SmetsFree Univeristy of BrusselsAmsterdamPS&M, M&E
Nicholas SmithStanford UniversityLewis & ClarkHistory
David SosaPrinceton UniversityUniversity of TexasM&E, Value
Ernest SosaUniversity of PittsburghRutgers UniversityM&E
Robert StaintonMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUniversity of Western OntarioM&E, PS&M
Aaron StalnakerBrown UniversityIndiana University, BloomingtonChinese, M&E
Kyle StanfordUniversity of California, San DiegoUniversity of California, IrvinePS&M
Kim SterelnyUniversity of SydneyAustralian National UniversityPS&M, M&E
Matthias SteupBrown UniversityUniversity of Colorado, BoulderM&E
Stephen StichPrinceton UniversityRutgers UniversityM&E, PS&M, Value
Michael StrevensRutgers University, New BrunswickNew York UniversityPS&M
Eleonore StumpCornell UniversitySaint Louis UniversityHistory, M&E
Robert TalisseCity University of New York Graduate CenterVanderbilt UniversityHistory, Value
John TasioulasOxford UniversityKing's College, LondonValue
Larry TemkinPrinceton UniversityRutgers UniversityValue
Iain ThomsonUniversity of California, San DiegoUniversity of New MexicoHistory
Justin TiwaldUniversity of ChicagoSan Francisco State UniversityValue, Chinese
Charles TravisUniversity of California, Los AngelesKing's College LondonM&E, History
J.D. TroutCornell UniversityLoyola/ChicagoPS&M, M&E
John TurriBrown UniversityUniversity of WaterlooM&E, PS&M
Gabriel UzquianoMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyUniversity of Southern CaliforniaPS&M, M&E
Peter VallentyneUniversity of PittsburghUniversity of MissouriValue, PS&M
Bryan van NordenStanford UniversityVassarChinese, Value
Somogy VargaGoethe Universität, Frankfurt am MainUniversity of MemphisPS&M, M&E, Value
Manuel VargasStanford UniversityUniversity of California, San DiegoM&E, Value, Race
Katja VogtMunichColumbia UniversityHistory, Value
David WallaceOxford UniversityUniversity of Southern CaliforniaPS&M
Wil WaluchowOxford UniversityMcMasterValue
Ted WarfieldRutgers University, New BrunswickUniversity of Notre DameM&E, Value
Georgia WarnkeBoston UniversityUniversity of California, RiversideHistory, Value, Feminism
Eric WatkinsUniversity of Notre DameUniversity of California, San DiegoHistory
Jonathan WeinbergRutgers University, New BrunswickUniversity of ArizonaM&E, PS&M, Value
Michael WeisbergStanford UniversityUniversity of PennsylvaniaPS&M
Eric WilandUniversity of ChicagoUniveristy of Missouri, St. LouisValue
Thomas WilliamsUniversity of Notre DameUniversity of South FloridaHistory, M&E
Timothy WilliamsonOxford UniversityOxford UniversityM&E, PS&M, Value
Robert WilsonCornell UniversityLatrobeM&E, PS&M
Eric WinsbergIndiana University, BloomingtonUniversity of South FloridaPS&M
Allen WoodYale UniversityIndiana University, BloomingtonHistory, Value
Mark WrathallUniversity of California, BerkeleyOxford UniversityHistory
Christian WuthrichUniversity of PittsburghGenevaPS&M, M&E
Gideon YaffeStanford UniversityYale UniversityM&E, History, Value
Jose ZalabardoUniversity of Michigan, Ann ArborUniversity College LondonHistory, M&E
Dean ZimmermanBrown UniversityRutgers UniversityM&E